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Circuit BMX

Circuit Anchor Frame (Pre-Book)


Its that time again!

We are doing another run of Circuit Anchor frames, made in the USA by the FBM Machine Shop in Ithaca NY.

This pre-book means, if you want a Circuit frame you have to book it now  we will not make any extra frames  only the ones that are booked here or in store  we will max out at 25.

We will be expecting these frame for a mid/late winter delivery.

(Just in time for Spring)

The Circuit Anchor Frame will feature a custom Circuit head badge and will have a transition friendly geometry. (Listed in the Photo)

You can choose the Top Tube Length, Brake Mount Configuration and Drop Out Size (3/8 or 14)

Colors will depend on how many are pre booked. The options are Flat Black,Gloss Raw or No Paint(Raw Material) 

Please call 401-305-3636 or email Circuitbmx@gmail.com with any questions. 

Frames will retail for $370.00 with a $150.00 deposit to get things rolling.

Leaving a balance of $220.00 to be paid during pick up or shipping. 

(An additional fee of 15$ will apply if frame is being shipped in the US)